Uber and Lyft Can Fill Critical Gaps in U.S. Public Transit, Catherine Ross Says

For decades, people have relied on driving for mobility in most American cities. Emerging technologies have given rise to Transportation Management Companies (TMCs), which are frequently referenced as Transport Network Companies (TNCs) that deliver on-demand services, e.g. Uber and Lyft.

These companies typically provide an app-based service that links passengers and drivers and charges passengers automatically. The innovative ride matching system operated by TMC has the potential to improve the accessibility of the transportation system through proper integration.

In a project funded by the Center for Transportation Equity, Decisions and Dollars, and led by Catherine Ross, researchers examined the use these services in filling gaps in U.S. transit systems.

Ross, director of the Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development, and researchers stated that these services are now a permanent fixture of the urban mobility landscape. In their report, they advise policymakers to expand the menu of funding opportunities for such cooperation.

Read the full article about Ross' sponsored research.


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