CQGRD: Working Toward a Better Future

We're about quality growth and creating vibrant, sustainable places that balance the needs of today and tomorrow.



We have a committed staff of faculty members, researchers, and graduate students all focused on various areas of growth and planning.


The research and projects at CQGRD strive to increase our capacity to understand, assess, and promote quality growth.


Through collaborations with external partners we deliver programs and projects designed to inform public officials, researchers, and the general public.


We share the results of our research through refereed journals, white papers, reports, and presentations.


  • Natural Disasters Contribute to Holiday Travel Delays

    Holiday travel is stressful enough—we know we’re supposed to arrive at the airport early, give extra time to drive places, and expect delays. But what about checking the weather on the other side of the country, routing your drive based on smoke from wildfires, or coordinating preparing your Thanksgiving meal around planned rolling blackouts?


  • Dec 12

    Launchpad Fall 2019

    LAUNCHPAD showcases student work from all years and programs in the Georgia Tech School of Industrial Design.