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Research Reports

Research Reports


  • Boston, T.D., Liu, C.Y., and Ross, C.L. (2019). Final Report: Research and Support to Implement Recommendations of the GDOT Small Business Program Evaluation, Georgia Department of Transportation.


  • Ross, C.L. and Rao, A. (2018). Final Report: Art and Culture Strategic Implementation Plan, Civic Moxie LLC.; prime: Atlanta Beltline Inc.
  • Boston, T.D. and Ross, C.L. (2018). Final Report: GDOT Local Beneficiary Analysis of TIA project expenditures, Phase II, Georgia Department of Transportation, (GDOT # 16-20).
  • Ross, C.L., Watkins, K.E., Kumar, A. (2018). Final Report: Integrating Transportation Management Companies (TMCs) and Public Transportation, Center for Transportation Equity, Decisions, and Dollars (CTEDD), The University of Texas at Arlington.


  • Kumar, A., Karner, A. and Ross, C.L. (2017). Final Report: Crowdsourced social media monitoring system, Georgia Department of Transportation, (GDOT # 16-14).
  • Hylton, P.J. and Ross, C.L. (2017). Final report: How E-Commerce Is Changing Air Cargo Infrastructure and Service Needs, Airport Cooperative Research Program, Transportation Research Board.
  • Ross, C.L., Kumar, A. (2017). Final Report: Improving Integration of Freight Considerations in the Piedmont Atlantic Megaregion into ARC’s Long Range Transportation Planning Process, Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC).


  • Ross, C.L., Smith, S., Read A., Morley, D. (2016). Final Report: Multimodal Planning at the Megaregion Scale, American Planning Association, U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration.
  • Ross, C.L., Smith, S. (2016). Final report: A Collaborative Model for Healthy Freight Planning, Pew Charitable Trusts, Washington, D.C.





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