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Advancing Solutions to Challenges in Communities

Advancing Solutions to Challenges in Communities

The CQGRD research team has expertise that spans several program areas, allowing us to address many critical issues, develop state of the art approaches to problem solving, and deliver timely analyses and results. We work with a variety of organizations to develop unique solutions to many emerging and current challenges and opportunities confronting the places in which we live.

Our Research Areas

Graphic showing air quality

Air Quality

We seek to enhance environmental quality and by making people aware of the benefits of green infrastructure.
Designed neighborhood in Atlanta.

Community Design

We seek to improve the design and livability of neighborhoods, cities, and regions by promoting awareness of good design.
Park along beltline in Atlanta

Healthy Places

We contribute to the understanding and development of healthy places through Health Impact Assessments and other research.
Map showing development in the southeastern U.S.

Land Development

We seek to improve land development by fostering comprehensive planning practices, among other initiatives.
Trucks and shipping containers sit in a seaport.


We support investment in transportation infrastructure that supports quality growth and efficient movement of goods.


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