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Advance at the College of Design

Advance at the College of Design

The College of Design at the Georgia Institute of Technology has been part of the National Science Foundation’s ADVANCE Program since 2007. ADVANCE is dedicated to analyzing and eliminating gender disparities in the academic setting. At Georgia Tech, ADVANCE provides resources to:

  • Reduce gender bias within the academic setting
  • Mitigate barriers for academics due to family responsibilities
  • Increase career advancement opportunities for women in the sciences.

There have been some advancements in gender equality in the past decades, particularly at Georgia Tech. However, research here and at other schools show that there are still disparities in promotion and tenure practices, in the proportion of women in full professorships, in allocation of duties, in informal departmental communication and interaction, and in expectations regarding personal or family life.

As of spring 2019, women comprised 22.2% of faculty in the College of Design, including three full professors. About 51.4% of graduate and undergraduate students in the College are female. These numbers illustrate the ongoing importance of the role of the ADVANCE initiative within the College of Design to continue promoting the goals and objectives of ADVANCE to future female students and faculty.  

The College of Design ADVANCE program has created a work program around recognizing the value of women in the College, ensuring equitable search and hiring decisions, promoting a positive work environment, and studying the barriers to entry and advancement for women in this academic setting. The following specific actions have been implemented to further these stated goals of the College's ADVANCE program.

  • Recognizing Talent
  • Attracting Talent
  • Improving the Work Environment
  • Driving Research
  • Activities

Learn more about the Georgia Tech ADVANCE program.

Women of Excellence Awards

In April of each year Professor Catherine Ross announces the winners of the Georgia Tech College of Design ADVANCE Program Women of Excellence Awards. These awards are presented to individuals who have distinguished themselves through their leadership, scholarship, and sustained service on behalf of the Georgia Institute of Technology and the College of Design. In particular, honorees are judged on criteria of academic leadership in their discipline; professional leadership and mentoring within the university and the College of Design; and contribution to intellectual and social success of the Georgia Tech community.


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